Cement plant manufacturing, ZADCON GmbH, Dessau

Products / Services Machines, machine elements, special machines
Date 21.10.2013 17:39
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Company ZADCON GmbH Dessau
Name Herr Schäfer
First name Karlheinz
Street Brauereistr.13
ZIP Code Town 06847 Dessau
Phone 0340/ 5029412
Fax 0340 5029626
Email info@zadcon.de
www http://www.zadcon.de
Contact languages deutsch, по-русски, english

Cement plant manufacturing,Cement, Cement clinker mills,Cement plant projections,Cement rotating kiln furnace, Grinding Systems, mills for raw cement. ZAB.
Plant Manufacturer / Make: ZADCON GmbH Dessau additional description:
ZADCON cement plant in Dessau -100 tradition of machinery and equipment
for the cement industry and mineral industry. ZAB. From
ZADCON GmbH were constructed: rotary kilns, tube mills, pipe lines,
mixing drums, grate cooler, rotary burners, rotary dryers, rotary
screens, heaters, tanks, flow channels,
 Faces, as well as machine components for quality and performance. These
machines were used in the cement industry, binder industry, hazardous
waste incineration, Bodendecontaminierung, chemical industry,
metallurgy. We thus have correspondingly
rich experiences that practical for new facilities as well as for
reconstruction of existing facilities are used for design and planning.


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